August 27, 2014 (Sykesville, MD) ---- E-Comix welcomes adult entertainer Priya Anjali Rai appearing as herself along with Karen Summer and Tanya Tate in the upcoming Pussycats comic book, which will be solicited January 2015 in the PREVIEWS comic shop catalog.

Priya will be appearing as a character in Tanya Tate's circle of friends, which is directly opposed to Karen Summer's re-emergence in sunny California. Priya is a sly, calculative minx who looks to play both angles in an upcoming political war of ideas, and her charming good looks and fabulous figure are sure to add to the story's heat index.

When asked about how she was able to bring Priya on board Pussycats as a character, actress/main character Karen Summer commented "Sometimes things REALLY are this simple. It went like this: I'm guest-appearing on (insert shameless plug) Priya's radio show and, of course, I bring my Pussycats ashcan comic book and promo pics with me. Priya saw the stuff in my hands, and said just like a little girl "Oh, that's so cool, I want to do that!" To which I said, (excitement all over my face) "No worries sweetness...I got you!" Like I had all the power...hahaha! Priya then shook her boobs and said "Yay!" And, of course, I did the same. LOL! I guess that's like a handshake in our corner of the world."

Brusio added, "I guess the E-Comix model for doing things is starting to appeal to people. We make comics which we later turn into merchandise. The ladies are coming on board because they "get it." They know one of the secrets to success is to wear as many hats as possible. So when I offered them the chance to rebrand themselves as a character in an action/thriller comic book, they looked beyond just wearing a hat, and saw it as a new party dress."

Advanced artwork depicting Priya in Pussycats #0 can now be seen by visiting E-Comix on Twitter and Facebook. All images are safe for viewing at work.

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