In 2012, editor, talking head, and comic book industry veteran Vince Brusio launched to make a different kind of comic book. The model was to tell a story with a licensed property, but re-purpose the story's artwork for merchandising that would include t-shirts, prints, posters, and various fine collectibles. Two books were published in 2012 for death metal bands Dying Fetus and Autopsy, with shirts manufactured through JSR Merchandising, and distribution lined up through mail order, online, and retail outlets. Dying Fetus: Supreme Violence was timed with the release of the band's CD Reign Supreme and its subsequent tour, and Autopsy: Feast for a Funeral (released on Halloween 2012) was featured as wardrobe apparel on Season 4 of Showtime's Shameless TV show, and was later picked up for digital distribution with Comixology.

In 2015, the sexy action/thriller Pussycats #0 -- featuring adult film stars Karen Summer, Priya Angelai Rai, and Tanya Tate -- will be the third licensed product from E-Comix, and will debut in the January 2015 PREVIEWS comic shop catalog. The book will be followed by a subsequent 4-issue Pussycats mini-series, with all issues collected in a trade paperback by September 2015.

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