September 10, 2014 (Sykesville, MD) -- President & Publisher of E-Comix, Vince Brusio, has announced that adult entertainers Kasey Storm and Tommy Gunn will be appearing as characters "Cowgirl Kasey" and "T. Gunn" respectively in the upcoming Pussycats graphic novel, which is scheduled to ship to comic shops internationally March 2015. Kasey Storm and Tommy Gunn will be joining adult film stars Karen Summer, Tanya Tate, and Priya Anjali Rai in Brusio's shoot-'em-up action thriller that is Charlie's Angels meets The Blacklist -- with a lot more gunfire.

"Kasey and Tommy have very strong personalities, so they were naturals to come on board as the first contractors to join Karen's cause," said Brusio. "Karen's the ringleader in the story, and her first conflict with people that want her dead needed to show that she was winging it. I wanted to show that the alliance she was forming was happening on the fly. Kasey and Tommy coming on as the first members of her new crew shows they're both positioning to be in the driver's seat. It was a great way to start a road race. Neither one of them are the type of person to ride shotgun. So trading sharp jabs at one another from the start put the pedal to the metal for the book's fun factor."


No strangers to danger, Kasey Storm and Tommy Gunn's characters represent the first wave of rock 'em sock 'em road rebels that trade bullets in the pages of Pussycats. Adept at knowing what clothing fits a particular occasion, Storm and Gunn themselves have chosen the outfits for their characters to wear in the comic series.


A sexy black-and-white comic book graphic novel series about women, blood, and bullets, Pussycats is a shoot-‘em-up action thriller featuring an all-star cast of adult entertainers. The story details how the performers are caught in a political crossfire when it's revealed that they covertly helped to fight in the Cold War. Their identities compromised by those wishing to exploit them, the Pussycats must forge an alliance to stop themselves from being exposed … or eradicated.


Pussycats is the third project released from E-Comix, following the Dying Fetus: Supreme Violence and Autopsy: Feast for a Funeral books. Both were merchandised as posters/t-shirts, with the Autopsy shirt featured as apparel on the Season 4 Premier episode of Showtime's Shameless, starring William H. Macy. Autopsy: Feast for a Funeral is now available digitally from Comixology.


August 27, 2014 (Sykesville, MD) ---- E-Comix welcomes adult entertainer Priya Anjali Rai appearing as herself along with Karen Summer and Tanya Tate in the upcoming Pussycats comic book, which will be solicited January 2015 in the PREVIEWS comic shop catalog.

Priya will be appearing as a character in Tanya Tate's circle of friends, which is directly opposed to Karen Summer's re-emergence in sunny California. Priya is a sly, calculative minx who looks to play both angles in an upcoming political war of ideas, and her charming good looks and fabulous figure are sure to add to the story's heat index.

When asked about how she was able to bring Priya on board Pussycats as a character, actress/main character Karen Summer commented "Sometimes things REALLY are this simple. It went like this: I'm guest-appearing on (insert shameless plug) Priya's radio show and, of course, I bring my Pussycats ashcan comic book and promo pics with me. Priya saw the stuff in my hands, and said just like a little girl "Oh, that's so cool, I want to do that!" To which I said, (excitement all over my face) "No worries sweetness...I got you!" Like I had all the power...hahaha! Priya then shook her boobs and said "Yay!" And, of course, I did the same. LOL! I guess that's like a handshake in our corner of the world."


President and Publisher of E-Comix Vince Brusio added to the story of Priya's appearance.

"I'm just amazed at how the roster of characters on this book has grown since Karen first agreed to do this project back in March. First Tanya comes on board in the summer, she and Karen meet me at San Diego Comic Con for a signing and photo ops, and now here we are barely a month later and Priya Anjali Rai is joining the party. I can't believe it."

Brusio added, "I guess the E-Comix model for doing things is starting to appeal to people. We make comics which we later turn into merchandise. The ladies are coming on board because they "get it." They know one of the secrets to success is to wear as many hats as possible. So when I offered them the chance to rebrand themselves as a character in an action/thriller comic book, they looked beyond just wearing a hat, and saw it as a new party dress."

Advanced artwork depicting Priya in Pussycats #0 can now be seen by visiting E-Comix on Twitter and Facebook. All images are safe for viewing at work.


July 7, 2014 (Sykesville, MD) -- E-Comix will distribute ashcan editions of its titillating action/thriller Pussycats at this year's San Diego Comic Con to promote its January 2015 listing in the PREVIEWS comic shop catalog.

The ashcan previews Pussycats #0 (with a cover by Ray Lago) and the subsequent 4-issue limited series written by E-Comix President & Publisher Vince Brusio, and illustrated by artists Ivica Sretenovic and Mats Engesten.

"Pussycats is Sin City meets Jennifer Blood if we're talking comics. But Charlie's Angels meets 24 meets The Blacklist would also work," says Brusio.

"It's all about women, blood, and bullets caught in a political crossfire when it's revealed that the adult film industry helped to fight the Cold War. Years of underground espionage bubble to the surface when one woman steps into the middle of territorial pissings, and the repercussions of her curiosity reveal a world where life has no value, and people become uniformed personalities to hide their true identities."


Legendary adult film star Karen Summer and cosplay personality Tanya Tate have signed onto the project to appear as themselves in the book (with Summer on the cover), and both will be joining Brusio at San Diego Comic Con to sign ashcans and posters for future retailer incentives.

"Karen gets inducted into the Legends of Erotica Hall of Fame in January 2015," Brusio explains. "And it's at that Las Vegas event that she'll promote the comic, and explain how it can be ordered through PREVIEWS, and purchased at brick and mortar comic shops. The Comic Shop Locator Service will be announced as the web site to use to find a store locally."


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